Sunday, September 21, 2008

#5 trash.. PSM...

Oh ho ho~ was busy doing my Literature Review chapter for my thesis for the past few days... didnt sleep for two night (well, i skipped a couple of classes and slept at home during the day :p) ... and that has caused the i-cant-sleep-at-night syndrome for the next few days... hehe... gotta tune up a bit... i really need to be awake for my classes... :p

Well, it wasnt that hard to finish that part of my report... but... as always, i need something to push me abit... make me realise that how urgent it is for me to finish my work.. (I'm not making excuse for my always-last-minute-work, am i? :p) ... so, congratz me... cos i managed to finish that thing... (albeit i submitted it like 30 mins before my lecturer actually close her door :p)

My 'workstation'... i can only say... last minute work's always a mess :p

The books and research papers i need to read... Yes, i did it!!! :D

Now, let's hope that there arent many mistakes.... :P

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