Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#1 trash in the bin: Commitment Vs. Selfishness

For all this while, i believe "commitment" is something that can be related to "selflessness"; it might not be a full degree of selflessness but there will be at least some amount of it. i.e. when you're committed to a group, you work your best for the group, just like when someone committed to marriage he/she work for the best for their family. Otherwise, i don't see it as a commitment;

But, i think i had idealized the word "commitment". From what i got, what i see these days, the degree of selfishness (not selflessness) determines one's degree of commitment. For example, whichever action/decision one's making, he/she will first analyze what he/she will get in return. If other benefit more than him/her, it will often become a "no-no" for him/her. Same thing happen when one has to work for the community's good. Selflessness seldom/never came into picture these days.

From now on, I might need to switch my mind from "how much a person committed to his/her responsibilities show much he/she cares about whoever the responsibilities concerned" to "how much a person committed to his/her responsibilities show how much lesser he/she care for him/herself than others." This is how things work isn't it?

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