Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#2 trash in the bin: Disappointment

I'm kinda disappointed with the club. I mean i'm tired with whoever or whatever is in there. I thought that it is supposed to be a place where we hang out like real friends; like when you have something to say, you voice it out; like we trust each other, we care each other and we also work for everyone's good. But sadly this is not what's happening nor it has ever happened before.

Vision. I've really no idea of what's in everyone's mind. I mean shouldn't we work as a team for the club? If we're planning for an activity, shouldn't we work for the best for it? Once it is started, it has to be continued. Who to continue? WE. i mean, no one in the club is dumb enough, they should see that there are always 2 trends on working on stuff (in the club)... First, you pretend that you don't know what's going on and you excuse yourself from the works. Second, you give out some stupid excuses and make some other people to do it for you. I mean dumping the works to other just won't work. Not even when you tell the person "See, it is easy... you only have to blah blah blah....". WE need to work as a team, think far and think big. By big i mean for the maximum good we can achieve within our capability, not something unrealistic. WE have to share the common vision and fight for it. Thing isn't as simple as we thought it is. Not when we use our common sense to analyze it. But funny enough, people often fail to see that. (Tho i always think they are escaping the responsibilities, by the lousiest way: silence. Yeah, a silent dumb.) Guys, we are taught to have our own vision/goal. And to achieve it, the same old words, work for it. Talking without actions keep you at the same place, forever.

I don't wanna see people complaining that they have no chance to speak. That really pissed me off. Just remember, when i say speak whatever you have in your mind, i mean it. But when you don't do that and keep complaining, serve you right then. And no one treat any one of us as an unimportant person. If you do, you have break the rules as a team and you deserve no place in it anymore i shall say. Team do not serve personal interest. I hope that i've made my words clear and i welcome whatever you got to say.

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