Sunday, October 26, 2008

#8 Everything's settled... time to study now... ;-D

First thing first... I gotta say this........ I'M SOOOO EXCITED THAT EVERY THING'S DONE!!!!! HOHOHO~~~ (hehe, ok, done now =p)

What i've done for last two weeks:

Done all the presentations and tests and assignments :D (this explains the all-caps sentence up there).

Downloaded and played Contra ^^ the classic game i used to play with my sister when we were really young... had fun playing that... will be better if i have joystick with me :D Thinking of getting one... cos its gonna be my last semester here and i need something to deal with my final-year-syndrome :p The version of Contra i'm playing now.... too bad it doesn't have the level i missed the most :(

Then i enrolled myself in the J2EE Web Application short course, a 15days short course, will start immediately after my final.

Then, i bought a chicky wrist rest --> my right wrist ached for 2 days after i finish the mock system for my HCI project... (I spent 2 days resting cos i cant really type :p yeah, left hand was ok, but it slows down !@#$%^... so, might as well i wait till the other hand's ok again... ^^ hey what, i even had trouble brushing my teeth and washing my hair... it ached whenever i try to move it... see how serious it is :p )... but now its ok, chicky's doing its job well... :D
This is when chicky meet mousy...... =D

Then, i did this penguin site for my web programming individual project... i find it simple and cute... most important of all... i DID this myself... hehe... alright, to tell the truth... i kinda modified a bit from Christina Chun's Red Hot Chilli (Here) and the penguin was taken from Here

erm... and what else did i do... hmm... i think thats all... it was a total chaos for the last two weeks... So, its my study week now... after that, its finals time (3/11 - 20/11 --> 2 papers/week --> good news is i can take my time studying ^^, bad news is i cant go home :( too bad... i miss my mom and dad and they miss me too :D )... after that maybe some holidays for... my FYP :-/

ok, me going for a nap now... wish everyone and myself good luck for the finals ;-)

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