Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#9 this is how you ask for money....

Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 你饿死了没??
(^_^)!!! says:還沒啦~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 身上现在有多少??
(^_^)!!! says: 作麼??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 这个故事告诉我们:钱包只剩下一千块时就好打电话叫救兵了
(^_^)!!! says: 所以勒~~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 没有勒了
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 还需要进钱给你吗
(^_^)!!! says: 你自己會缺錢嗎??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 等下我会去
(^_^)!!! says: 要啦
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 那不进你会死吗??
(^_^)!!! says: 你說的~~剩1千就要求救了!!!!!
(^_^)!!! says: 餓死就來不及勒~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 我的血汗钱~~~
(^_^)!!! says: ''血汗錢''不是這麼用的~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: 老姐
(^_^)!!! says: 像我現在在這....就叫血汗錢啦~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 你管我怎么用
(^_^)!!! says: 不過今天我7個小時的工讀...就是坐跟吃..還有煮咖哩~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 我这是先洗未来钱。。。我以后的血汗钱
(^_^)!!! says: 不行~~中文系的~~~看到錯會忍不住想糾正~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 百五可以吗
(^_^)!!! says: @@
(^_^)!!! says: 200行不??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 两百五就两百五啦
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 我要回现金哦
(^_^)!!! says: 好好好~~~我等你好消息~~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: 現金ㄛ~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: 沒差啦
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 要不我拿你的红包钱
^_^)!!! says: 再看啦~~
(^_^)!!! says: 可不可以分期付款的啊??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 喂~~死兔崽子~~~
(^_^)!!! says: 我是條肥龍~~~~~不是兔崽子訥~~~~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 那我可不可以今天进五十。。。下礼拜进五十啊??
^_^)!!! says: 我只有看過人家分期付款......沒有看過人家分期送貨的勒~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: 分期付款MOTOR......你怎樣??
(^_^)!!! says: 先給他兩個輪胎啊
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 我的钱勒。。。不是省来给你帮我花的。。。
(^_^)!!! says: 不過如果你不怕麻煩的話~~一個禮拜近50好像也可以訥~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: 沒關係~~我很自動的~~
(^_^)!!! says: 回去帶你去玩~~~乖阿~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 好像是每次都是我带你去玩的哦。。。
(^_^)!!! says: 沒有沒有~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: 都是我提議的
(^_^)!!! says: 一定是
(^_^)!!! says: 一隻手掌拍不響~~~~~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 我很穷了。。。一定要还。。。 包包不用给我买那么多了。。。我要现金
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 哪有???
(^_^)!!! says: 有有有~~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 每次都是你很烦。。。
(^_^)!!! says: 包包要幾個??
(^_^)!!! says: 10來個??
The translated version:

Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: have you starved to death??
(^_^)!!! says: not yet la~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: so how much do you have with you now??
(^_^)!!! says: why??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: this story tells us: you need to call back-up when there's only 1K left in your purse... (NTD 1K)
(^_^)!!! says: so~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: no more so
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: do i still in to bank in??
(^_^)!!! says: will you run out of money yourself??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: i'll go later
(^_^)!!! says: need la~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: then will you die if i dont
(^_^)!!! says: you told me~~~ need to call back-up when there's only 1K left with me~~~
(^_^)!!! says: it will be too late if i'd starved to death~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: my hard-earned money~~~
(^_^)!!! says: "hard-earned money" should not be used in this context~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: dear sis
(^_^)!!! says: like what i'm doing right now~~~ this is what i call hard-earned money la~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: it up to me to use it whenever i like
(^_^)!!! says: but, i worked for 7 hours today... it was only sit and eat.... and cooked curry~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: i m spending my future money... my future hard-earned money
(^_^)!!! says: cannot~~ i m taking chinese studies~~~ can't help but to correct you~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: 150 enough?
(^_^)!!! says: @@
(^_^)!!! says: 200 can or not??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: ok la... 250 then 250 la
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: i want my money back in cash
(^_^)!!! says: okokok~~~i'll be waiting for your good news then~~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: cash o~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: not much different la~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: if not i'll take from your red packet money
^_^)!!! says: see then~~
(^_^)!!! says: can i make it installment??
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: wei~~son of rabbit ~~~
(^_^)!!! says: i m a fat dragon~~~~~~not son of rabbit~~~~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: then can i bank in 50 today... 50 next week??
^_^)!!! says: i've only seen ppl pay by installment...... never seen anyone send their product in an installment-way~~~
(^_^)!!! says: buy a motorcycle by installment...... what will you do??
(^_^)!!! says: give him two wheels first eh
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: my money... is not saved for you...
(^_^)!!! says: but if you don't think its troublesome~~bank in 50 a week seems ok too~~~
(^_^)!!! says: no worries~~~ i'm quite active in that sense
(^_^)!!! says: i'll bring you out when i'm back~~~be good~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: its seems like it was me who bring you out everytime...
(^_^)!!! says: nono~~~~
(^_^)!!! says: those were all my suggestions
(^_^)!!! says: i'm sure
(^_^)!!! says: you cant clap with one hand~~~~~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: i'm broke... must give me back the money... you don't need to buy me that much of bags... i want cash
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: where got???
(^_^)!!! says: got got got~~~~~
Sh|nYE3 欣仪 ^_^ says: it was always because you were so annoying
(^_^)!!! says: how many bags you want??
(^_^)!!! says: 10++??

Introduce you my dear sister...


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  3. 你不错哦!自己送钱给人用。你妹妹嘴真硬。

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