Friday, August 21, 2009

#30 A bit of updates...

Updating blog at work does not seem quite right. But, since its been so long. Writing a word or few should be fine :P
It's Friday and TGIF again :D
I'm having a headache now trying to solve my problem at work. But I'm not writing this to complain. Surprisingly, I got used to the 0800-1730 life fast enough. The only thing is work takes almost my whole day. I managed to pick a couple of after-work activities, and there goes my whole day - reaching home tired and prepare for bed.
Then, wake up again, another day for the same routine...
That's me for the moment...

p/s: i love Fridays, yes yes i know everyone loves Friday... cos it means weekend!! but apart from the weekend thing, i love Fridays cos everyone at work seems so relaxed on this day!! ^_____^

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  1. 是咯是咯,放工、回家、睡觉...