Saturday, March 27, 2010

#31 ...

Wonder why someone will go and start acting like another person, just to go near the crush?

Eh, love is blind eh? CRAP!! for all the things that were mentioned as "Oh, I don't do this... or I don't like that... or I tried, but I... or that's something kid does, not me..." Now its totally the other way round. Working harder than trying to score an A during school time.

Just because that fella looks like an idol, doesn't mean you have to do whatever to grab it. Just because that fella meet your requirement as a dream guy, doesn't mean you have to turn into another person whom you think might please him to please him.

To what extend will it go? If you'd faked the beginning...


  1. My dear~
    how are you recently?
    Miss u very much~

  2. Hey dear...
    I'm busy these days...
    stressed stressed stressed :P
    you're not in Penang any more, are you?
    Where are you working now?