Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Me Unloading...

As I walked up the stairs, after my dutiful lunch, the usual blank mind of mine, unusually, told me something. I could not help but giving it a careful thought, with the things that happened around me, with the questions that had landed upon me.

There's a loop hole, I told myself.
"Prove it!"
Why should I? When I know.

And I smiled.

There are times when I wanted to give in
And times when I started to do something silly
I pulled myself back. O, did I?

I left myself off stranded
But deep inside I know
To stay within is the way to go

I ain't strong enough to take
I ain't good enough to give
I ain't the one who go fighting till the end and found nothing's gained
So I ain't the one who will go fighting till the end

For the moment? Perhaps, for the thing that worth fighting has not shown.


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