Tuesday, December 16, 2008

#21 YES!! I'm going home~ finally~~

I've been busy for nothing...

seriously, I didn't know what was i doing~ and still i was so busy~ ish~~

i finished the J2EE thing yesterday~ woofff~~ finally.. yeah FINALLY~~~ it was a mistake to enroll myself in that... not that learning is something bad... but i've got other better thing to do... :p

I finished the J2EE project only like minutes before my presentation... you can call it an okay one... :P cos the main functions are there (after i cut off all of the self-declared-not-so-important modules :P ) and the instructor couldn't really say anything... but then one fun thing was.... we cheated

Oh well~ nothing big... just big enough to make the instructor and the class have an 'WOW~' kinda expression.... (or i thought so~~ :p) pada hal~~ we did nothing as they expected~~ its like people thought that you'd climbed up Mount Everest but then the truth is you only edited the photo to make it LOOKS like you'd climbed up there... hehe~

anyway~ i was really worried and stressed when things weren't working 2 days ago... i'd to stay up for 2 nights to get that stupid system done~~

okay, enough said for the J2EE... i had an 18hours sleep after i came back from the last lesson~~ i was really tired~~and my friend said i know nothing much besides sleep~~ yeah... so?? that's how i grow XD then woke up and had a big brunch at 4something :P (i can still call it a brunch, can i??).... went to library to return 8 overdue books~~~ EIGHT~~~ gone my RM13.... well... not very big... but i just 'tak puas' to give it away like that, i can get another big brunch for that~~ :P (forgot the fact that it was ME who didn't return them on time :P I've been 'donating' to the library since i came in~~)

then came back home... my friend me cos the toilet was too dirty... its my turn to wash the toilet.... so what else... spent my good time cleaning the toilet bowl and tiles~~ its all cleaned and shining now...

but... i cant recall what he'd promised to do in return~~ :p

All settled~~ but tickets home are sold out~~ :( need to take the alternative plan~~ hope i'll be able to make it for the friday's Tan's family's reunion party... ^___^

Guess 18hours is still too little... feeling sleepy again~~ ^^

Bed time, everyone~ ;)

and Happy Holiday~ HO~HO~ HO~~

** oh yeah... i went and fed my lil kancil a full tank yesterday... and when i reached home... my friend said "hey shinyee!!! the fuel price is going down again... tomorrow~~~~" ish ish ish~~~

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