Wednesday, December 24, 2008

#23 BoBo the Cute Lil Poodle

Went to my cousin, Sam's, place and played with her lil poodle -> BoBo...

And this lil thing stole a kiss from me!!! ish ish~~ :P

Sam was saying that BoBo will try in any way to 'kiss' those newly met people (in the lips), and i don't really believe that.... How would a puppy will want to kiss people on the lips??

But then when i looked at BoBo... and i started to worry... it can't be true, can it?? cos she (BoBo is a she) was busy 'kissing' my toes and fingers and even tried my face~~~

oh yeah, and i remembered mom told me that BoBo kissed my mom on her cheek (out of a sudden!)... cheek's still ok tho... but not lips..... :P

Then.... mins later... We were watching Shrek 3 and this lil thing ran towards me and *JUMP* then *DING*... OoOoOoOo.......

"eeee... she kissed me~!!!"
Sam: "Told cha~~~ hehe...."

Cute puppy, isnt she?? ^___^


  1. hehe its popo :D
    and its really very cute

    haha shi bu shi ni de chu wen ;)

  3. yeah very cute... BoBo went for a hair cut ;) became a 'real' poodle now... instead of sheep-like puppy...

    and when i saw her last night, she kissed me again :p

  4. lols i just saw her ;
    she kissed me when i was sleeping~~
    lols very cute =D
    when she bathe look even more like bah bah sheep right?
    heheheh ;D