Thursday, November 20, 2008

#15 Oh yeah~ done done the exam~ XD

First thing: The last paper was super "cool"~ :P

what happened is:
we have 2 hours' time for the paper, until 11am... then when it reached 10am, i suddenly forgot (i dunno why), i thought "ohno~ only 30mins more" XD when i came out from the hall at around 10.15am, everyone's still there writing and writing... i really wondered "did i missed out some questions??"... hehe~

Of cos i didn't... apparently, my mind tuned itself to "finish this before 10.30am, i have 2 hours' time (it started at 9am)" :p see the flaw? so i finished it quicker~ and i only realize when ppl wasn't coming out at 10.30am, that this paper finishes at 11am... :p

Second thing: I actually won a bronze in the R&I Fest...

and i only know that when.... this morning....

Friend: "shinyee, you can go and get your medal in PPI"...
me: "what medal? why is PPI giving me medal?"
Friend: "Hehe, the R&I Fest~"
me: "huh? they are giving out medal? participation's medal ar?"
Friend: "haha~ no la... we got bronze"
me: "eh eh~ bronze eh?"
me: " wait wait~ so that is why i got a sms from PPI last month saying~ semua pemenang R&I Fest dikehendaki menghadir diri in bla bla bla~ ?"
Friend: "haha~ i think so..."
me: "ah? i thought why are they sending me sms telling me to attend since im not a pemenang~"
Friend: "now you know why~"



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